Do you want to be a member of the 2020-2021 Trabuco Hills High School Color Guard? If so, you have come to the right place for all the information that you want and need! Due to the current Stay-At-Home Order, the clinic and audition process for the coming school year will be different than in year's past. Please check back often, as we will post more details and dates on the process, after we receive more guidance from the government and health officials.

In the mean time, please complete both forms below if you have interest to auditioning as a member of the THHS Color Guard for the 2020-2021 school year.



- We have posted videos for the audition process.  These are separated into "How To" and "Practice Along" videos.  We encourage you to watch and review these videos, prior to practicing the skill for yourself.

How To Videos

- Equipment Basics (posted on YouTube)

- Movement Basics (posted on YouTube)

Practice Along Videos

- Equipment Basics (posted on YouTube)

- Movement Basics (posted on YouTube)

Tryout Music & Videos

- Tryout Music (download the MP3 file)

- Tryout Routine (posted on YouTube)

- Tryout Equipment Routine (posted on YouTube)

- Tryout Dance Routine (posted on YouTube)



- Week of May 18: Prospective members can come to campus to check out a flag to practice with during the next of couple weeks. Our equpment pick-up window will be on Friday, May 22, 2020 in the Trabuco Hills High School Music Room starting at 11:00am until 12:00pm. Please make sure to arrive with protection (i.e. face masks, etc.) and we will make sure that everyone is 6 feet apart at all times. We want to make sure everyone remains safe and at a social distance during this time, The captains will be posting videos for prospective members to watch and practice with the equipment for these couple of weeks..

- Week of June 08: Prospective members can meet - at a socially acceptable distance - with Trabuco Hills High School to answer questions and obtain feedback on what he/she is doing well and what he/she can improve on. Date/Time/Location - TBD*. Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to with questions/feedback.

- Monday, June 15: Prospective members should watch and review videos and submit Audition Routine to the THHS Color Guard Staff at

- Wednesday, June 24 thru Saturday June 27: In-person clinics and audtions will take place for all prospective members of the Color Guard. Decisions on acceptance will be communicated shortly after the conclusion of the process.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the THHS Color Guard Staff at Best of luck and skill to all prospective members!